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Trip to Bali and realise your dream !!!

If you think you’re limited in travelling because of your handicap, let us tell you, that nothing is impossible !!!!

Due to our experiences in travelling over Bali we can offer you our trip to this island of the Gods.
The Balinese people consider the nice climate, the varied green landscapes and beautiful beaches as blessings from the Gods.
An often heard expression is:” the Gods smiled when they created Bali”.
You will enjoy the interaction with the people and their refined harmonious lifestyle, strongly influenced by Hinduism. The island has thousands of temples.

We can offer you comfortable hotels with always a nice pool. All rooms have air conditioning, a bathroom and a private  terrace.
They are all conveniently located , close to the beaches and shops where you can go shopping independently.
The staff at every hotel we select are also very helpful in solving sometimes  “architectural” problems.

The people of our staff are Indonesians and we have autonomous transport, which often results in individual experiences.

People with disabilities in the widest sense of the word are welcome and also a very warm welcome for the people with a visual handicap. We have made trips with blind people and they all found it a most inspiring and enjoyable trip.




Inspiring Handi Holidays can offer you a 16 days program Bali for people with a disability.
We carefully selected a number of small accommodation facilities , suitable for handicapped people , who want to travel on an individual base with partners, relatives, friends or caretakers. We can strongly recommend this tour, which takes you over Bali.
For more detailed information , please check Travel Program.


Do you want to travel to other places in Indonesia? Please inform us about the place you want to go to and we can make you a custom- made program.
What about visiting Sulawesi , Flores, Lombok or the main island Java?
You decide where to go, for how long you want to go and in which time of the year.
With the knowledge and experience we have about suitable places we can help you decide on a specific program.
You leave the whole organisation to us and you will enjoy it.




-Om u zo goed mogelijk van dienst te kunnen zijn verzoeken wij U de vragenlijst in te vullen en ons per email toe te sturen.

– Indien U eerst informatie wilt hebben omtrent de prijzen van een programma, vraag ons om een prijsindicatie aangezien elke deelnemer zijn of haar eigen wensen en behoeften heeft.


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